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Community Spotlight #001 Phyllis Burden

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Sacramento Promise Zone

Community Spotlight #001, August 1, 2016

Phyllis Burden

August 1, 2016 by Cindy Bui, Health VISTA

A resident of the Strawberry Manor/Del Paso Heights region of the Sacramento Promise Zone, Phyllis Burden is a significant driving force in her community. She was raised in the Del Paso Heights area and her family has always worked in the community, so it is all she has ever done and known.

“What people don’t understand about Del Paso Heights is we are a very strong community,” states a passionate Phyllis.

Burden has had an incredibly diverse background of experiences, serving a wide variety of individuals from juvenile hall to foster care to the developmentally-challenged.

She currently manages her own business, Christian Crew Cleaning Services, which helps clean homes for people who cannot do so themselves. Her business collaborated with Mark Wiese, developer of the brand new Heritage at Del Paso Nuevo homes, to prepare new homes for move-in and to maintain the beautiful model homes. Christian Crew Cleaning Services is committed to hiring within the community and helping those who have struggled to re-enter the workforce through training and teaching them what it takes to hold a job, the importance of professionalism and the quality of the job you do.

Burden also serves as a community liaison represented by District 2 Councilmember Allen Warren. She carries a voice for her community as she relays opportunities and concerns throughout different groups such as Mutual Assistance Network, the Heritage Housing project and the Strawberry Manor Association.

When asked what change she would like to see in her community, her immediate answer is, “We’re working on them right now,” showing the great dedication and promise of this entire community. Among the changes she would like to see, are more parenting training opportunities for residents, completion of the Sports Complex, a flourishing Robertson Community Center with activities for all ages, and more jobs developed in the community.

“Phyllis is driven to see Del Paso Heights grow socially and economically into a strong neighborhood,” says Mutual Assistance Network’s Richard Dana, who nominated her for this Community Spotlight.

She has worked in the community her entire life. Now she is focused on working with people to share her wisdom and she is ready to pass on the baton.


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