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Community Spotlights 2016 -2018

Phyllis Burden

A resident of the Strawberry Manor/Del Paso Heights region of the Sacramento Promise Zone, Phyllis Burden is a significant driving force . . . read more

Ashlei Hurst

Ashlei Hurst serves as a Resident Services Manager at Mercy Housing in Sacramento. Her work extends beyond the traditional role . . . read more

Vincent Sani

Vincente is the first place winner of the 2017 “What Home Means to Me” poster contest, held by the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment . . . read more

DeWayne Ewing Jr.

DeWayne is a one-man example of the kind of holistic change the Sacramento Promise Zone seeks to inspire. By leveraging talent and energy from his diverse interests, ranging from musical to academic, the Sacramentan known as Conci8us is opening new doors for youth in the Promise Zone. . . read more

Alisha Gomes

May 2018 - Alisha Gomes, AmeriCorps VISTA and Sacramento Promise Zone Health Coordinator, is an inspiration. Drawing on her personal experience with adverse health, Alisha uses her passion for healthy living to transcend barriers and connect with Promise Zone residents in need. . . read more


It took nine years but persistence and patience paid off for Monica Galardo and her family who dreamed of having their own place to call home. . . read more

Highlights 2016 - 2018

November 19, 2017 by the Urban Displ

Gentrification Explained- Unpack the

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3rd Annual Local Partner Celebration

3rd Annual Local Partners Celebration

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