Although your zip code shouldn't determine your chance for success in life, it often does. We believe that it takes a committed and diverse partnership to overcome concentrated poverty and sustain positive change. By partnering with Promise Zone, your organization can become part of that effort. Collaboration helps Promise Zone partners make better strategic decisions, leverage greater resources, and change more lives. 


  • Greater reach to diverse organizations
  • Connect with community members in disadvantaged neighborhoods
  • Share and learn about the latest events and opportunities 
  • Diverse networking opportunities
  • Facilitated collaboration
  • Direct access to grantees and grantors
  • Leverage shared resources
  • Advance knowledge of funding opportunities
  • Letters of Support
  • Preference Points for federal grants
  • Greater and sustained community participation
  • More and varied services provided
  • Concerted, needs-based solutions


  • Physically within the Promise Zone  or   actively affecting Promise Zone residents 

  • Working in one of our 5 focus areas

  • Ready to collaborate

  • Committed to revitalizing Sacramento's most underprivileged neighborhoods  


1. Make your first step towards partnership by following our social media accounts and signing up for email updates. Links are located in the footer below. By connecting to our resource network, you will then have access to, and be able to share, the latest community events, funding and partnership opportunities in your focus area.

2. Contact your focus area coordinator to discuss additional opportunities such as upcoming projects, events, and funding. Learn how here.

3. You can request a Letter of Support for funding opportunities which support programs affecting Promise Zone residents. Learn how here