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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Sacramento Promise Zone?

Over the next 10 years our overarching goal is to maximize resources and partnerships to improve the quality of life in Sacramento.​

What is SHRA’s role?

SHRA's role as Lead Organization is to administer and manage the overall Promise Zone plan. SHRA's role is to coordinate organizations and bring them together to formulate plans to improve the communities within the Promise Zone and achieve our 5 core goals. 

How long will the Promise Zone designation last?

          The federal designation lasts for 10 years so in April 2025 the designation will end.

How many Promise Zones are there?

There are 22 Promise zones across the country. Visit the HUD website for more information.  

What are preference points and preference point certification?

Preference points increase an applicant's competitiveness when applying to federal grants.

Preference point certification is a HUD form that accords support from the lead agency for preference points for federal funding/technical assistance. To receive the certification the lead agency must deem the project consistent with PZ goals and that the project will yield benefit to residents of the Promise Zone.

Is your organization eligible to receive a preference points certification and/or a letter of support?

Organizations that actively work within the Promise Zone boundaries and have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SHRA are able to request preference points and a letter of support for  grant opportunities. 

How do I become a partner with the Promise Zone?

Partners are organizations working within the Promise Zone to affect change in one of our five focus areas. Make your first step towards partnership by through following our social media accounts and signing up for email updates. By connecting to our resource network, you will then have access to, and be able to share, the latest community events, funding and partnership opportunities in your focus area. Then, contact your focus area coordinator to discuss additional opportunities such as upcoming projects, events, and funding. 

How do I know if my home or organization is within the Promise Zone boundaries?

         Click here to visit our interactive map.

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