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Letter of Support

As a federally recognized initiative, Sacramento’s Promise Zone can certify partners to qualify for Preference Points in select federal grants, technical assistance and capacity building opportunities if they work with the Promise Zone community. For opportunities that do not offer Preference Points, a Letter of Support may still be requested and can help an application significantly stand out. Please see instructions and requirements below. Click here for a PDF version of these instructions. 

How to Request

Please Note: The Sacramento Promise Zone can grant only one Preference Point Certification for each federal grant opportunity. We strongly recommend contacting us as early as possible in the application process. If we receive more than one request for a Preference Point Certification for the same federal grant, we will encourage collaboration.

          1. Submit Notification of Interest in Applying form at least thirty days in advance of submitting the Grant Support Request.

          2. Schedule a meeting with Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency to review Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) within two weeks of submitting the Notification of Interest. 

          3. Submit the Grant Support Request and signed MOU five business days in advance of grant deadline. If the grant you are applying to has Promise Zone Preference Points then fill out the HUD Certification and send both forms to

           4. You will receive confirmation within two business days that your Grant Support Request has been received and you will be notified that your request was approved and the Promise Zone Certification Letter will be sent to you.


Requirements for Consideration

  • The project meets one of the following criteria:

    • Solely within Promise Zone boundaries

    • Includes the entire Promise Zone boundary and other communities

    • Includes a portion of the Promise Zone boundary

    • Outside the Promise Zone boundaries, but specific and definable services or benefits will be delivered within the Promise Zone or to Promise Zone residents

  • The proposed project aims to meet at least one of the Promise Zone goals:

    • Health - Promote healthy behaviors and increase health interventions

    • Education - Increase educational opportunities for all Promise Zone students

    • Jobs - Accelerate job creation 

    • Economic Development - Promote a sustainable economic base

    • Sustainably Built Community - Facilitate neighborhood revitalization

  • A signed Promise Zone Memorandum of Understanding is submitted

  • The partner(s) agrees to follow-up requirements 

Follow-up Requirements

Once you have submitted your application, send the following information to

  • If awarded:

    • Entire application that was submitted to funding agency

    • Award notification with date

    • Total amount awarded  and portion allocated to the Promise Zone

    • Project Period (i.e. length of project)

    • How you plan to measure your impact on the Promise Zone

    • Date funds obligated (i.e., date when grant/cooperative agreement is signed).


  • If denied:

    • Denial notification with date

    • Will you be interested in applying again in the future?

    • Summary of debrief with agency (We encourage that you follow up with the funding agency to understand reasons why your application  was  not selected and get recommendations for how to improve for future applications).


Additional Resources

Congresswoman Doris Matsui's office is dedicated to bringing much needed funds and resources into Sacramento and  will fulfill letters of support requests for grants. Any applicant can call the district office at (916)498-5600 or email with support letter requests.

Dr. Richard Pan, CA District 06 Senate office.  Dr. Pan is the State Senator for the Sacramento PZ District.  He and his staff understand the importance of bringing needed funding and resources into Sacramento. Our office works hand in hand with the many groups that are working to make a difference in the Sacramento Promise Zone and  will fulfill letters of support requests for grants.  Applicants can call the district office at (916)262-2904  or email or with support letter requests (please include a copy of the RFP and highlights of your orgs work, in the specific area covered by the grant).

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