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In September and October of 2020, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) partnered with the Sacramento Promise Zone, the South Stockton Promise Zone, and the California Grants Portal to create a free series of workshops demonstrating the best practices for writing grant proposals for federal funding. The federal landscape is always changing, but organizations can depend on this series as a continuing resource for many years to come.

Guidelines and information provided in this guide are based on the expertise and wealth of knowledge of Pauline Zvonkovic, Sr. Management Analyst at the Salt Lake City HUD Field Office, who hosted each workshop session. Throughout the series of workshops, Zvonkovic guides the viewer on the most effective ways to apply for federal funding for their organization’s endeavors.

Each presentation includes downloadable materials for the viewer to use and read as they watch the presentation. Links to these materials, along with the recordings for each presentation, are included in the pages that follow.

Click the PDF button below to download the FREE HUD Grant Writing guide. 

The guide contains all of the information from the workshop recordings in a convenient, printable format.

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