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Community Soul Shines Through Art and Activism

The Sol Collective helps revitalize communities by providing artistic, cultural, and educational programming that promotes social justice and empowers residents

July 2018 - Sol Collective is a community-based 501(c)(3) partnership whose mission is to provide artistic, cultural, and educational programming, promote social justice, and empower youth through art, activism, music, and media experience. We have worked to create custom services based on the specific needs of the community and offer a wide variety of community services available for companies, individuals, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations at affordable rates for any budget.

For over a decade Sol Collective has provided space for community groups to hold workshops, meetings, and events and offered project-based arts education including music production, graphic design, video production, creative writing, silk-screening, and urban gardening. The Sol Collective Arts and Cultural Center is a 3,200 square foot space providing art exhibitions, community workshops, youth programming, and a platform for public organizing.

Souls of the City is a series of community workshops and forums leading up to the authentic Dia De Los Muertos ceremony and procession in Old Sacramento November 4th led by the Maquilli Tonatiuh Aztec dance group and community elders. Started in 2012, Souls of the City is a celebration of the history, art, and culture behind Day of the Dead and works to bring community members of all backgrounds together to learn about and participate in Dia De Los Muertos. Each year thousands of Northern California residents take part in the Souls of the City workshops, forums, and festivals.

After 13 years of art, culture, and activism in Sacramento the Sol Collective team has started work to document the unique collective leadership model that has allowed for the success that we have had as an organization since 2005. It is our sincere hope to leave a blueprint in this model for other collectives around the world that are trying to do this work as the Sol Collective’s legacy of collective leadership. Sol Collective is a continuance of work that was being done by elders in our community when we were growing up and will continue that work long after the current staff is retired.

If you have an idea for a project, event, or something new, we would love to meet and figure out how we can make your idea a reality. For more information please visit:


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