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WEHL Program Graduation

WEHL program graduates & partner organization staff: (front, left-right) Ayesha Strong, Litiane Lam Yuen, Stephanie Holcomb, Shirley “Nani” Salsedo. (Back, left-right) Urban Strategies, Inc. Associate Project Manager Edward Lewis, Dorothy Pleasant, Carolyn Williams, Urban Strategies, Inc. Regional VP Isaac Dozier, Reginald Foster, Frances Cervantes, Urban Strategies, Inc. Educational Specialist Brenna Lammerding and SHRA Executive Director LaShelle Dozier.

Public Housing Residents Graduate with Health Knowledge and Power to Advocate

March 2018 - Residents from Twin Rivers Public Housing graduated from the “With Every Heartbeat is Life (WEHL)” program on Friday, February 23rd at Samuel Merritt University. The WEHL program is an educational and workforce training provided by Urban Strategies, Inc. onsite at Twin Rivers Public Housing Community. Residents who took advantage of this opportunity became well informed about health and ways to live a healthier lifestyle. This opportunity also enabled residents to support each other in ending unhealthy habits and forming healthier ones. The 6th WEHL Cohort program was led by Peer Health Coordinator Frances Cervantes, herself a WEHL program graduate, from the 4th WEHL Cohort.

The WEHL program teaches residents about healthy living through common health practices and interventions. These practices and interventions were smoking cessation, physical activity, diabetes education and management, mindfulness as well as being health advocates for their families and community. At the end of the 10-week program, graduates earned a certificate of participation that supports job opportunities in the health/medical field such as medical assistants, community health educators and potentially an interest in pursuing higher education for upper level industry related careers. This outcome also supports one of the Sacramento Promise Zones health goals to increase access to health career pathways for Promise Zone residents.

At the end of the WEHL graduation ceremony, graduates of the program mentioned that they were grateful for this opportunity and are excited to now lead healthier lifestyles which includes a daily/or weekly walking group with their peers within the Twin Rivers community. To learn more about the WEHL program and its positive impact on public housing residents, please visit the link here.

Samuel Merritt University's Community Nurse Corps (CNC) nurse scholars who provided support to the success of this cohort of the WEHL program.


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