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We Leverage Shapes Youth Into Leaders

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

Future Leaders Learn to Embrace Their Identity While Gaining Skills and Shaping Their Own Values

July 2018 - In 2016, the founder of We Leverage noticed a revolving door in civic engagement with disenfranchised youth and the missed opportunity to have them involved as a leader who can contribute to tangible outcomes and not just seen as a spectator. Today, We Leverage is a community-based non-profit, civic education organization in the Greater Sacramento area - inspiring youth to embrace their identity while unleashing their inner potentials.

Our programs assist youth in shaping their own values, while providing them with tools, resources and support they need to evolve into confident civic leaders of tomorrow. We Leverage, strives to empower the lives of youth in the Sacramento community through dynamic programming that helps shape our youth into future young leaders. We aim to prepare young people in making the best life choices for themselves, their families and their communities.

In our career development program “Self Made,” we provide training, guidance, and resources for those focusing on selecting a career to undertake their future through planning and implementing their career goals. Through our partnership with the Mayor’s Thousand Strong internship program, we were able to provide supportive services to Sacramento’s youth to help them succeed in employment. We trained, deployed, and provided personalized coaching to more than 40 participants for a fresh and complex work environment. This workforce development for youth focuses on employment training, real-world experiences, and systems of support to prepare and develop juniors and seniors in 21st century skill-building.

In partnership with Council for a Strong America out of Washington D.C., Boys & Girls Club of Greater Sacramento and Sacramento Police Department hosted a youth centered town hall that focused on bridging the gap between community and law enforcement. This opportunity created space for up 85 participants, 70 being youth.

We present leadership opportunities for all participants to engage in leadership roles either on their school campus or in the Greater Sacramento area. We call this opportunities of growth. We had over 50% of our participants at Hiram Johnson take on the challenge.

Overtime, we hope to increase civic leadership capacity by equipping young with the skills needed to prepare and position them to take on leadership roles, both in the community and in the public sector.

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