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Square Root Academy's Ultimate STEM Experience

Elementary and Middle School Students Gain Early Exposure to STEM

February 2018 - Square Root Academy is excited to bring the ultimate STEM experience to scholars in various areas! Beginning in February, we will be serving roughly 120 scholars weekly! AMAZING, RIGHT?! Classes will begin at various sites on various days. The following are the dates for the sites that begin in February:

  • American Lakes Elementary School- Friday, February 9

  • John Bidwell Elementary School- Tuesday, February 13

  • John Still Middle School- Saturday, February 10

​​To learn more about this and other opportunities click here. ​​ Square Root Academy is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) based non-profit organization dedicated to educating underrepresented youth on the fundamentals of STEM while emphasizing collaborative learning, innovation, and academic excellence. This goal is executed under our three key pillars: Community involvement, project based learning, and professional STEM exposure. We expose Academy scholars to the growing field of STEM at no cost, while promoting creativity, leadership, and academic excellence.

For more information on Square Root Academy, please visit


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