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Sacramento County Early Learning Roadmap: Prenatal Through Eight

Community Partners Collaborate on Early Learning Guide to Ensure Healthy Growth for All 

February 2018 - The Sacramento County Office of Education’s Early Learning Department convened the Superintendent’s Early Learning Committee (SELC) to develop a vision for Sacramento County’s youngest learners. During the 15-month process, 60 community partners representing a diverse group of stakeholders provided input and insight while Promise Zone coordinators assisted to ensure that a broad range of voices were part of the discussion and decision-making process. Promise Zone representatives also collaborated on the following December 2017 media event, held in the Twin Rivers Unified School District, to publicly unveil and introduce the resulting Sacramento County Early Learning Roadmap: Prenatal Through Age Eight.

The Sacramento County Early Learning Roadmap is a guide to help ensure that ALL children in Sacramento County have the same chance to live, learn, and lead healthy lives. It is intended to build momentum and garner support through a vision where the community works collaboratively to create opportunities where ALL children, prenatal through age eight, get a strong start that begins early and sets the foundation for future success in school and in life.

The Roadmap exemplifies the community’s commitment for early learning and recognizes and builds upon the research and evidence of the powerful impact of early childhood experiences on academic achievement and social and emotional development. The five priority areas and recommendations of the Roadmap are:

The Five Priority Areas and Recommendations act as a guide to focus work in these areas throughout Sacramento County. As the Roadmap is shared and the priority areas and recommendations are highlighted, an aligned vision for high-quality early learning experiences for ALL children, prenatal through age eight, is beginning to emerge in a more unified manner.  The Roadmap is being shared with a variety of stakeholders including community partners such as local school districts, United Way, Learning Policy Institute, Sacramento County’s Local Planning Council, Sacramento County Employment Agency’s Head Start program, and the Raising Quality Together (RQT) Consortium, and others.  Sacramento County Office of Education and the Roadmap facilitators worked closely with the Twin Rivers Unified School District in the development of the district’s plan and continues to promote and support collaborative convenings throughout the county and state. For more information on the Sacramento County Office of Education, please visit


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