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Sac-to-Zero and Envoy Launch Electric Car Share

Sacramento Promise Zone Director Tyrone Roderick Williams joined City officials for the launch of a new partnership with Envoy to provide zero emissions electric cars at affordable housing communities and other areas of the city.

Affordable zero-emissions car sharing expands transit options and health for Promise Zone residents

November 2018 – A new zero emissions electric car share program has come to communities in the Sacramento Promise Zone. Sac-to-Zero officially launched on November 1st when Envoy, a car sharing company funded in part by Electrify America, unveiled its first two designated EV car share sites. A news conference at the Whispering Pines apartment complex in Sacramento’s Meadowview neighborhood kicked things off by showcasing Envoy's vehicle and charging station infrastructure.

The full project is anticipated to be completed early in 2019. Envoy’s fleet will eventually feature more than 140 vehicles in over 70 different locations. Tyrone Roderick Williams, Director of the Sacramento Promise Zone, joined City officials for the launch which will expand affordable mobility options in public housing communities and to residents in underserved communities.

The Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency, which was created to ensure the ongoing development of affordable housing in Sacramento, was an early collaborator with Envoy to help identify car sharing locations. Electric vehicles at public housing sites minimizes transportation barriers for residents and local community members without cars and significantly lessens the burden of performing everyday tasks such as grocery shopping, going to the doctor, picking up children from school and more. These affordable options also help promote a more equitable multi-modal transit culture by breaking down socioeconomic barriers to utilizing green transport.


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