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Sac State Students Serve in the Promise Zone

Teacher Prep Programs Provide Support to Over 50% of Promise Zone Schools

March 2018 - Sacramento State is proud to be a partner and leader in the Sacramento Promise Zone. The University has intentionally committed its resources, faculty, staff, and students to lead and support a variety of partnerships that are resulting in positive changes and improving lives within the Promise Zone. One example of our commitment to long-term impact in the Promise Zone is through our robust STEM pipeline and teacher preparation programs. In the past three years, Sacramento State students have provided after school tutoring, student teaching, or school counselor internships in over 50% of schools serving the Promise Zone. This allows these Promise Zone schools to have additional resources at the school, while encouraging Sacramento State graduates to begin their careers at schools that serve the Promise Zone. This work is supported by the more than $11 million Sacramento State has received in grant funding to benefit Promise Zone schools and neighborhoods. One example is Laureen Riddick, Science teacher at Smythe Academy in the Promise Zone. Ms. Riddick earned her bachelor’s degree in biology, a teaching credential, and a master’s degree, all from Sacramento State. An outstanding student and educator, she was selected to receive a scholarship from the National Science Foundation and serve as a Noyce Scholar, with a focus on increasing k-12 student success in the STEM fields. Now, with this incredible background, Ms. Riddick has chosen to teach at Smythe Academy, where she teaches science and serves as an advisor for the AVID program, working with Promise Zone students to provide mentorship toward success in middle school, high school, and college, and beyond! For more information on Sacramento State and their role in the Sacramento Promise Zone, please visit


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