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Promise Zone June Community Health Fair

The Promise Zone Health Fair welcomed community members to access an array of health related resources.

August 2018 - On Wednesday, June 27, 2018 the Sacramento Promise Zone hosted its 2nd Community Health Fair at the Maple Neighborhood Center/La Familia Counseling Center in South Sacramento. The 2nd health fair benefitted the South Sacramento community because it provided Promise Zone residents in this location an opportunity to access an array of health related resources to improve their health and wellness.

Fourteen health-related organizations participated to provide Promise Zone residents a variety of health related services and resources. Resources provided include over 600-lbs of donated fresh, healthy foods from Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services as well as Elica Health Center’s mobile healthcare clinic. Elica’s mobile clinic provided free services to attendees such as primary care and other related services, including vaccinations, physicals and more. Health fairs are important for Promise Zone communities because they allow the residents to receive information, resources, and services that may otherwise be difficult to access.

Since the Promise Zone encompasses 22 square miles, it is crucial to provide resources and opportunities to all of its communities. The Promise Zone’s two Health Fairs, , in North Sacramento and South Sacramento, allowed the Promise Zone to reach a greater number of residents. This reach enables improved access to healthy foods, physical activity opportunities, healthcare information and access and much more for Promise Zone residents.

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