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The Sacramento Promise Zone drives community revitalization in 22 square miles of the Sacramento’s most underprivileged neighborhoods. By building the capacity of partner organizations and facilitating cross-sector collaboration, we:

  1. Improve educational outcomes

  2. Foster a sustainable economic base

  3. Accelerate job creation

  4.  Promote healthy behaviors

  5.  Support sustainably built communities

Improve Educational Outcomes
Foser a Sustinable Economic Base
Accelerate Job Creation
Promote Healthy Behaviors
Support Sustainably Built Communites

Total funding brought into the Promise Zone:

Since 2015

Our Vision: 

The Sacramento Promise Zone strives to ensure that all residents in the Promise Zone, regardless of what zip code they live in, will be able to enjoy good health, improved educational opportunities, living wage jobs, economic opportunity, and sustainable communities.  

Are You Located In the Promise Zone?


Partner-Led, Community Focused

As our Promise Zone designation came with no funding attached, funds are gained solely through the collaborative efforts of our partners; this partnership now includes more than 150 private, nonprofit, and public sector organizations. By collaborating, partners can increase capacity, decrease costs, enhance services, gain funds and change more lives. Promise Zone partners take up targeted roles to maximize impact on our 5 focus areas.

  • Community-Based Organizations - Program/Service Provision, Community Member Engagement, Resource Sharing

  • Private Enterprise - Technical Expertise, Business Engagement, Resource Sharing

  • Government Partners - Local, State, and Federal Funding, Technical Assistance

  • Promise Zone - Partner  Coordination, Funding Opportunities, Letter of Support/Federal Preference Points, Direct Access to Grantors, Project Facilitation, Knowledge Sharing

AmeriCorps VISTAs play an integral role in supporting the work of the Promise Zone.

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