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Young Men Build Resilience

Always Knocking, Inc. provides wrap-around services that redirect youth from violence and gangs to education and employment opportunities.

August 2018 - In response to a series of violent murders of young people in South Sacramento in 2008, Greg King founded Always Knocking, Inc. Based on his own experiences as a young man, he established the Always Knocking mission to, ‘provide at-risk and incarcerated youth with resources, educational tools and experiences to make positive changes in their lives.’

Our goals are to:

· Change and adjust youth behavior

· Promote educational growth

· Provide assistance dealing with substance abuse

· Increase social skills

· Provide employment and training assistance

· Decrease youth/gang violence

In coordination with partners such as the Wellness Foundation and the Sacramento City Unified School District Always Knocking engages directly with youth in communities through referrals and street outreach.

During the last 7 years we have assisted over 200 High School Seniors to walk the stage and get their diplomas, also in the past 3 years we have provided services to over 50 youth on probation. During the year of 2016 – 17 and now the 1st part of 2018 we have placed over 125 clients to receive part time employment.

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