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WOW! 2021 Wide Open Walls Festival

Wide Open Walls street art event takes place each year in September, in Sacramento, CA. It brings together local, regional, and international muralists, adding world-wide attention to Sacramento’s considerable street art history. The festival has created murals in the Downtown, Midtown, Natomas, Del Paso/North Sac, The River District, Oak Park, South Sacramento, and Power Inn Road areas. Wide Open Walls promotes diversity through artistic expression. WOW thinks art should be part of daily life and want art to reach a wider audience. Learn more about Wide Open Walls at: See amazing WOW murals at: or

34 amazing murals were created throughout Sacramento during Wide Open Walls in 2021. 22 of them are located in the Sacramento Promise Zone! Check out two of the local artists and their murals below.

Emily Ding is a muralist who draws inspiration from flora, fauna, and human temperament. Her large-scale work is characterized by expressive animals and figures, which come to life through bold color gradients and a fluid, painterly style. Resonating deeply with the phenomena of the natural world, she aims to communicate emotions and experiences, through storytelling with wild creatures and people.

My name is Rigo, I am an artist based in Sacramento California. I have always had a passion for art. I have a degree in Animation and Illustration from San Jose State University. I believe art has no boundaries and brings communities together. My art ranges from animation, drawing, painting, sculptural, to digital. I work with all kinds of mediums and I am always experimenting and finding new mediums to work with. My work is a combination of surrealism mixed with the cultures I grew up with. The subject matter and mediums I work with are always evolving. My goals are to keep creating art and keep inspiring future artists. To stay updated on current and future art projects follow me on socials @RigoTheArtist. Website


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