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The Yoga Seed Collective: Providing Yoga to the Most Vulnerable Populations

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

The Yoga Seed Collective is a non-profit yoga studio that provides Trauma Informed Care yoga to help those know how to take a breath before the moment of breaking down.

The Yoga Seed Collective teaches yoga at the Sacramento Native American Health Center (SNAHC).

The Yoga Seed Collective teaches a class on a college campus for survivors of sexual assault. It is an 8 week session that includes yoga and discussion. This past spring at the last meeting of the class participants started sharing what it had meant to them. One woman shared that her body had always felt like a foreign thing to her, but through yoga she started to feel like it was her own. Almost all 10 participants shared a similar feeling of being able to feel like their body was fully theirs, whether this was the first time they had experienced it, or if it hadn't been experienced since their trauma. This is just one of 11 programs The Yoga Seed runs throughout Sacramento community that focuses on trauma-informed yoga as a way to bring healing, deal with stress, and bring mindfulness into how humans interact with the world.

Yogi's participate in chair yoga at The Yoga Seed Collective.

The Yoga Seed Collective celebrated its 8th year in business in October 2018. In 2018 alone, YSC has served about 4,000 people in psychiatric hospitals, 1,559 inmates, 570 children in special education, 20 survivors of sex trafficking, and much more. The Yoga Seed plans on expanding their programs in the coming years so they can further reach into communities and meet people where they are at. Along with these programs The Yoga Seed has a studio in the Mansion flats neighborhood of Sacramento that makes yoga accessible for all with classes such as "All Bodies", "Yoga for People of Color", and "Queer Community". All of these classes can be accessed by students with financial limitations through our sliding scale program which served roughly 300 students this year who otherwise would not be able to practice yoga in a studio.

The Yoga Seed Collective's Easter Seals group.

The Yoga Seed wants all of Sacramento community, including those who are traditionally left out or under-served, to know how to take a breath before the moment of breaking down.


For more information about The Yoga Seed Collective and their Trauma Informed Care yoga programs, please visit

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