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Square Root Academy & YPCE: Scholars' Playground 

Scholar’s Playground is a 21st Century learning platform for the new age scholar. The platform features live tutoring and education segments hosted by top tier community educators and organizations, letting our youth learn from proven and vetted leaders in their respective fields. Covering STEM, language arts, mindfulness, and everything in between, The Playground offers a new-age learning experience for youth aged K- 12th grade, at the click of a button.

In partnership with Youth, Parks & Community Enrichment (YPCE), Scholars Playground is currently hosting a program exposing youth from primarily underrepresented communities to yoga, music, coding, video game design. The scholars have been taking full advantage of the learning even going out of their way to continue projects outside of the program’s live educational sessions with their partners on the Playground. Additionally, they've partnered with California Northstate University to pilot Math tutoring on the platform from May to June, and will return to providing daily sessions completely free of charge to their scholars beginning in September. Major Milestones / Achievements Since its inception, the Scholar’s Playground has been able to serve over 100 youth on the platform completely free of charge. With multiple barriers of entry for many of our communities with regards to the digital divide, the program bridges this divide. The Scholar’s Playground is intentional in providing laptops in partnership with Intel, internet access assistance, and multiple videos on digital literacy that can be viewed by both youth and their guardians. Multiple sessions are held on a daily basis and offer a broad range of educational experiences for youth living in the city and beyond. Community Impact Square Root Academy believes the Scholars' Playground can serve as a new framework for how nonprofits collaborate and provide quality education to the youth within the Sacramento region as well as in other cities. This joint effort allows community-based organizations, non-traditional educators, and advocates for young people to come together to solve the communities’ toughest issues around academia while working in partnership to ensure accessibility for all of Square Root Academy’s scholars. Visit Scholars' Playground Website HERE Read more about Square Root Academy's Executive Director Nicholas Hastings HERE


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