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Save the Date – 6th Annual Walk4Literacy Saturday October 26, 2019

Three out of five children cannot read at grade-level. The Walk4Literacy has raised a total of $37,200 over the last four years all to help Sacramento’s children achieve grade-level reading.

Walk4Literacy 2018: families walk along the route.

You can help all of Sacramento’s children achieve grade-level reading.

Register here.

Last year over 800 supporters participated in the Walk4Literacy! The Walk4Literacy has raised a total of $37,200 over the last four years.

3 out of 5 children cannot read at grade-level.

The literacy crisis hits the Sacramento Promise Zone hard. It threatens to drastically impact this generation of children, their future and the future of our city.

Third grade is a pivotal point in student learning. This is the point when children transition from learning to read to reading to learn.

Falling short of this milestone has significant consequences including: students not graduating from high school, and those that do graduate are underprepared for college, careers, or military service. The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading produced this video illuminating today’s literacy crisis.

The urgency of this crisis in the Promise Zone is best illustrated by viewing the interactive Literacy Map available here: Community Literacy Map.

You and I know that Sacramento’s literacy crisis requires bold action and massive public awareness.

From the 4th Annual Walk4Literacy, the Sacramento Public Library Foundation (SPLF) granted $7,200 to local programs positively impacting children’s literacy in our community. To date, SPLF has given $37,200 back to community organizations helping children reach grade-level reading. You, too, can help get more children reading at grade-level, preparing them for success in adulthood, by supporting the next Walk4Literacy.

Our goal is to help every child, in the Sacramento Promise Zone and beyond, reach grade-level reading.

The Walk4Literacy is a collaborative project –we need you.

Join us!

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