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Sacramento County Tobacco Education Program: Empowering County Residents to go Smoke Free

Sacramento County Tobacco Education Program educates County residents about tobacco prevention and cessation while providing them with the resources and support to do so.

The Sacramento County Tobacco Education Program is proud to work on protecting individuals and the community by providing education, resources, and technical assistance. A major focus of the program is on the adoption of new policies and/or the strengthening of current policies that help to improve quality of life for community members and increase positive social change. Current policy projects include Smoke-free Outdoor Dining, Tobacco Retail Density, and Cessation Referrals within Health and Social Service programs. Additionally, our program continues to build our Sacramento County Tobacco Control Coalition and support local youth engagement groups. With these topics we are able to reduce secondhand smoke exposure, limit access to tobacco retailers near youth sensitive zones, provide cessation resources to health and social service programs, and engage and empower the community and our youth . Our program can also offer quit kits to organizations and individuals looking to quit smoking, educational materials, and participation in community events (tabling/educational booths).

** Recruiting Passionate Tobacco Control Community Members! **

The Sacramento Control Coalition is currently recruiting individuals who can provide unique perspectives and a passion for improving the community to join our Coalition! The Coalition provides education, coordination, advocacy, and support of tobacco control activities in the community and oversees the development, implementation, and evaluation of the Sacramento County Tobacco Control Plan. The Coalition consists of a diverse group of community members, health care professionals, community based organization leaders, health officers, policy makers, business men and women, retirees, and among many others. Come join our Coalition and be a part of something great! Details below:


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