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Partner Spotlight: Dr. Barb Puder

On Cognitive Health and Optimizing Memory Function

The Sacramento Promise Zone was privileged to host Dr. Barb Puder for our September session of the Mind, Body, & SpiritHealth Series.

Dr. Barb Puder is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Basic Sciences Department at Samuel Merritt University, Oakland, CA. She has a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Northeastern Ohio University’s College of Medicine (NEOMED) and Kent State University in Ohio. She teaches medical neuroscience courses to students in various Samuel Merritt University programs.

In addition to teaching, Barb has developed neuroscience community outreach programs designed for grades K-12 and the community entitled “Get to Know Your Brain!” These brain programs train SMU students to educate community participants regarding the brain and its functions by using age appropriate language and hands-on activities. Approximately 1000 students and adults attend these educational programs each year.

During this session, Dr. Puder discussed Neuroanatomy, brain plasticity, and daily tasks that are proven to improve your memory.

Click the video below to view the full session!

You may also register for future sessions in advance using the links provided below:

The Sacramento Promise Zone is partnering with Samuel Merritt University to host a bimonthly mind, body, & spirit series that will feature medical professionals sharing information focused on improving health outcomes and eliminating disparities. Join us! Please share with your networks and the people that you serve.


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