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Newsletter Highlights - January 2018


Know someone 11-18 years old who needs braces? Apply before Monday, March 26, 2018 for completely FREE orthodontics from Smile for a Lifetime Sacramento. Learn more here.


UC Davis is now accepting applications for their three-week, residential summer program. High school students can enjoy campus life and immerse themselves in a hands-on learning experience in "majors" ranging from Innovation & Entrepreneurship to Veterinary Genetics.

For more information:


Speak up and let the City hear your ideas! Sign up now to shape the economic future of Sacramento in 3 different community meetings on Wed. 2/21, Thurs. 2/22, and Sat. 3/3. Click here for more details.




Bite of Reality is a two hour, hands-on simulation that appeals to teens/adults while giving them a taste of real-world financial realities. Participants are given a fictional occupation, salary, spouse and family, student loan debt, credit card debt, and medical insurance payments. They then walk around to various table-top stations to “purchase” housing, transportation, food, clothing, household necessities, day care, and other needs. This interactive activity will teach participants how to make financial decisions and live on a budget. They will have to deal with a pushy “car salesperson” and a commission-based “realtor,” and weigh their wants versus their needs. There’s even a “Fickle Finger of Fate” that will give some of the students unexpected “expenses” or “windfalls”—just like in real life. Fortunately, the game also includes a “credit union” to help with their financial needs.

  • VOLUNTEERS (20) ARE NEEDED TO STAFF THE TABLE TOP STATIONS! This FREE event is open to anyone age 16+. You need a smart phone to keep up with your budget.

  • January 29, 2018 (3PM) and July 6, 2018 (1PM)

  • Location: 4625 44th Street (Auditorium), Sacramento, CA 95820

  • For information or to volunteer send an email or call 916-496-7764.



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