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NCPZ COVID-19 Response


Promise Zone’s all over the country are working to combat the negative outcomes brought on by COVID-19. The National Coalition of Promise Zones (NCPZ) have been working in support of their local communities to provide adequate resources to those most affected by the pandemic.

Promise Zones have a unique understanding of the many inequities community members face every day. By creating collaborative efforts geared towards serving their partners and communities, Promise Zones are able to make sustainable and lasting change.

During the pandemic, the Sacramento Promise Zone response includes: resiliency and sustainability technical assistance for nonprofits; food access coordination support; homelessness efforts; economic development efforts; analog/online education resources; worked with the Financial Institution Partnership Opportunity (FIPO) partners to award funding to two SPZ CBOs; vital COVID-19 relief information and resource sharing.

If you or someone you know would benefit from receiving these resources, please sign up for the Sacramento Promise Zone’s monthly newsletter, e-blasts and follow us on Social Media for the latest updates.


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