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Myika's Inspiring Story: Rattle & Recovery

Myika was born and raised in New Jersey. She went to school at Seton Hall University for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She later attended the University of Pennsylvania for her Master of Science in Nursing, studying health care management and nursing administration. She has been a nurse for 26 years, throughout which she has worked on both the patient care side and on the systems administration side. Despite her expertise, the healthcare system failed Myika.

Myika began to experience heart palpitations, blood pressure spikes, and tightness in her chest. After her symptoms were continually dismissed as Anxiety, she collapsed in the lobby of her church 5 days after ringing in the new year.

Click on the video below to hear more of Myika's story and how it relates to the Social Determinants of Health...

A FREE resource guide is now available for everyone to download, print, and reshare, based on the third session of the Mind, Body, & Spirit health webinar series, "Social Determinants of Health and Relationship to Health and Well-Being," presented by Myika Ramirez, MSN, RN of Samuel Merritt University.

The guide offers information from the session in a convenient, readable PDF format. We invite you to re-share it freely with everyone.


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