Learn about SMUD’s proposed 2019 rate changes: Public Workshop  May 9th & Public Hearing June 4th 

Both meetings will be held at SMUD's Customer Service Center, 6301 S Street, Sacramento. Come learn about and comment on SMUD's proposed changes, including an increase in rates, a restructure of commercial customer rates and other miscellaneous changes.

SMUD’s 2019 Chief Executive Officer & General Manager’s Report and Recommendations on Rates and Services proposes changes to SMUD’s rates, including an increase in rates, a restructure of commercial customer rates and other miscellaneous changes.

The proposal includes a rate increase of 4.75% in 2020 and 4.50% in 2021 for all residential and commercial customers and a restructure of rates for commercial customers. Watch this video for an overview.

Bill impacts will depend on how much electricity customers use each month. The average residential customer will see an increase of about $5.40 per month in 2020 and an additional $5.40 per month in 2021. Customers on our low-income Energy Assistance Program or Medical Equipment Discount Rates will see slightly lower bill impacts, depending on their discount and energy usage.

The rate increase will be used for wildfire mitigation, including the increased cost of wildfire insurance and additional vegetation management; additional capacity to ensure reliability during peak demand; technology to support cybersecurity and customer experience; and, additional costs to reach regional carbon reduction goals.

The proposed change to commercial and other non-residential customer rates better reflects the cost of providing services and creates consistency in rate components between rate classes.

If you have rates questions or comments, please email contactus@smud.org, or call 855-736-7655. Written comments can also be mailed to SMUD, P.O. Box 15830, MS A451, Sacramento, CA 95852-0830. Get more information about the proposed rate changes at smud.org/RateInfo. The report is also available at all Sacramento Public Libraries.

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