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Housing, Urban Development, and Building the “New Normal” Together

In the season finale of JFF's Communities in Recovery podcast series, JFF Senior Program Manager, Dr. Mara Lockowandt, steps in as host, interviewing three guests from the housing and urban development space. First, Lauren Kennedy of the North Valley Housing Trust shares some of the unique and complex recovery stories of her Northern CA community in Chico, still rebuilding after a devasting wildfire and navigating historically unjust housing practices.

Then Tyrone Roderick Williams and Julius Austin share about their critical work at the Sacramento Promise Zone and Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA), exploring among other things, how deeply connected we all are and what it takes for all Californians to thrive and succeed. All three guests remind viewers of what we have overcome in this last year, and how we need to continue to work towards solutions to achieve an inclusive recovery for all.


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