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GRID Alternatives Partners with SMUD on Career Energy Pathways Program

GRID Alternatives North Valley has partnered with SMUD on a free solar certificate program for community members looking for careers in the solar industry. The Career Energy Pathways program offers virtual solar education as well as in-person, socially distanced, lab training on solar and battery storage installation. Participation includes a stipend for successful completion of the program.

The program prioritizes the most underserved communities – providing much-needed workforce development and job training in a growing field. Career advancement moves swiftly in the solar industry due to increasing investments and demand for renewable energy.

“Clean energy careers are in high demand,” said SMUD CEO and General Manager Paul Lau. “As we transition to a decarbonized economy, we will rely on clean energy jobs and a skilled workforce to help us reach our Zero Carbon by 2030 goals. A large part of our Plan is to decarbonize in an equitable way, and this program helps to provide equity in our communities,” said Lau.

Please share this with your colleagues, friends, families, networks, and the people that you serve so that more people can take advantage of this transformative career opportunity!


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