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Groundbreaking Ceremony for Green Energy Vehicle Mobility Hub

CBTV reporter Logan Williams discusses the groundbreaking ceremony of the Green Tech Zero Emissions Mobility Hub in the Del Paso Heights Neighborhood of Sacramento, CA.

The central concept of the Green Tech Zero Emissions “mobility hub” is to help people get to work, job training, medical visits and general errands - in zero emission vehicles. This mobility hub is a centralized place of connectivity in the frontline, ethnically diverse community of Del Paso Heights where different modes of travel – walking, biking, transit, and shared mobility – seamlessly converge. This transportation center provides an integrated suite of mobility services utilizing Electric Cars and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles. The goal is to reduce harmful vehicle emissions, improve health and economic development in communities of color often disregarded as disadvantaged.

The Green Tech Net Zero Emissions Mobility Hub provides jobs, education, outreach and access to training centers, workplaces, and medical care centers, minimizing negative environmental impact and improving lives throughout the community.


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