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Fruitridge Career Center - Grand Opening

The Fruitridge Career Center will be hosting its grand opening on September 8 via a FREE virtual event on Zoom, featuring career related speakers, webinars, and workshops.

When you register for this event you’ll be invited to a follow-up career screening session with one of the Center's job counselors. They’ll help you make a Job Search Action Plan, and even suggest a few open jobs you could be a fit for.

You’ll also have access to a half-day of in-depth training to get started right away. Here’s the full schedule, but you can pop in and out anytime during the event.

Grand Opening Event schedule

Come for just one session or stay for all 5, it's up to you.

● 10:00 AM Job Center Virtual Tour

● 10:30 AM Q&A: Which Industries Are Still Hiring

● 11:00 AM Workshop: How To Find Jobs That Aren’t Listed Online

● 12:00 PM Workshop: Virtual Interviewing

● 1:00 PM Closing Remarks

For more details, visit the event registration page HERE.


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