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FREE Resource Guides for Grant Applicants and Changemakers

A free, printable guide is now available from the Sacramento Promise Zone, detailing all of the useful information from the HUD Grant Writing Workshop series held earlier this year. The guide contains information from each workshop session, with additional materials and resources for grant writers, as well as links to each session recording.

Guidelines and information provided in this guide are based on the expertise and health of knowledge of Pauline Zvonkovic, Sr. Management Analyst at the Salt Lake City HUD Field Office, who hosted each workshop session. Throughout the series of workshops, Zvonkovic guides the viewer on the most effective ways to apply for federal funding for their organization’s endeavors.

A separate guide that may also be useful to grant applicants is also available. This guide contains detailed information that was shared in the 2020 Federal Convening organized by the National Coalition of Promise Zones. Topics are extensive and varied, including topics such as transportation, CoVid-19, food access, and many more. Readers can learn about the wide array of resources available from federal agencies as well non-federal organizations.


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