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Fit for Girls Provides 'Power Up Bags' to Inspire Middle School Girls to Be Active

Fit for Girls is a non-profit organization that usually has free 9-week programs that exists to improve the overall health and well-being of middle-school girls by helping them prepare mentally and physically for a 5K race. The Fit for Girls program could not be carried out during the COVID-19 Pandemic, but they still wanted to carry out their mission of empowering middle-school girls to develop life skills. They reached out to the Promise Zone to create a partnership with SHRA and coordinate efforts to provide 100 “PowerUp” bags to the middle-school girls living in the Alder Grove and Marina Vista public housing sites.

Each bag consisted of a jump rope, resistance bands, exercise instruction cards, a water bottle, energy bars, a coloring book, and colored pencils. The bag and the items provided each girl with the proper equipment, education materials, and inspiration to be more active and improve their physical and mental health during the pandemic and beyond.


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