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Farewell Lynnette McRae, Promise Zone Community Liaison

Sacramento Promise Zone

Highlight #020, March 2017

March 2017 by Kendra Crater, VISTA Leader

The Sacramento Promise Zone’s Community Liaison, Lynnette McRae will be returning to her hometown of Chicago. Lynnette was the primary federal point of contact for to Sacramento Promise Zone leadership team and partners. She assisted in connecting Promise Zone partners to federal assistance programs and funding to support the goals and objectives of the Promise Zone. Lynnette will be leaving after 9 years of federal service to join the Chicago Metropolitan Planning Council, a regional nonprofit focusing on issues of housing, community development, and supporting community-based planning efforts.

Sacramento Promise Zone partners will miss Lynnette and we greatly appreciate all of her hard work. Cynthia Abbott, Field Supervisor, Northern California, will assume the community liaison responsibilities. Cynthia served as the interim community liaison prior to Lynnette joining the Promise Zone team. Cynthia can be reached at

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