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Eco-Alpha Training First Cohort to Reduce Energy Usage In Our Region

Eco-Alpha is proud to host in partnership with the Sacramento Promise Zone’s Sustainable Communities Collaborative: Cohort I – Energy Baron Program (EBP). The Energy Baron Program provides participants with training in facilities energy management and sustainable energy technology to help reduce the energy usage in buildings across the Greater Sacramento Region.

Energy Barons complete an 8-week hands-on and virtual training, networking, and certification course with Eco-Alpha to position themselves for career pathways in facilities energy management. Trainees have a unique opportunity to get an inside look into the growing and demanding professions that could inspire career choices and explore fields including energy and sustainability, energy management technology, mechanical engineering, customer service, facilities support services, and many others. As a leader in sustainable facilities management energy initiatives, Eco-Alpha is dedicated to empowering communities by providing equitable access to workforce development opportunities in the area of energy, while emphasizing collaborative learning, innovation, leadership, and sustainable technology.


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