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Community Murals Sacramento - Art in the Promise Zone

On June 14, 2021 the Arts Culture and Creative Economy Commission approved the selection panel’s recommendation for 39 artists to be included in the 2021 Community Murals Sacramento program. The complete list of selected artists can be viewed by clicking here. Half of the murals will be located within the Sacramento Promise Zone, at the locations listed below:

  • 1332 Del Paso Blvd

  • Hagginwood Community Center, 3271 Marysville Blvd

  • 2630 Northgate

  • 400 Broadway

  • 6105 Stockton Blvd

Managed through the Sacramento Office of Arts + Culture - Art in Public Places program, Community Murals Sacramento is a temporary public art program where visual artists residing in Sacramento region have the opportunity to apply for temporary community mural projects in a district of their choice.

Community murals are distinguished from other mural types because they include community collaboration and input in all phases of the project. A community mural project allows an artist to collaborate with a community to achieve a result neither the artist nor the community could have achieved on their own.


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