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Art for the Heart - Uplifting the Community Through Art

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Senior Community Members Receive Uplifting Art Along with Great Plates Food Deliveries

Art for the Heart - The Sacramento Promise Zone coordinated a collaboration between the City of Sacramento Office of Arts and Culture (Melissa Cirrone) and Great Plates Program (Julia Burrow/Colin Rua), California State University - Sacramento University Galleries (Kelly Lindner), and the Crocker Art Museum (Stacey Shelnut-Hendrick/Faith McKinnie). The Office of Arts and Culture generously provided funds for the project. Sac State and Crocker Art Museum provided additional funding support as well.

Kelly Lindner and Stacey Shelnut-Hendrick wonderfully facilitated efforts so that local artists (Luis Campos Garcia, Peter Foucault, and Aida Lizalde) could work with youth from Sol Collective, Sojourner Truth African Heritage Museum, and the Crocker Art Museum Street Team to envision art pieces. Artist/professor Summer Ventis worked with four local artists/Sac State print making students (Laura Hansen, the Mayor, Emma Montalbano, and Jessica Orejel) to print four art pieces focused on food and community. The pieces were packaged and delivered to the 1050 seniors who receive meals from the Great Plates food distribution program. An art piece and materials package that included artist bios, project info, and opportunities for the recipients to respond to share their reaction(s) to the art and/or send a note to the artists was sent to each residence. This allowed the Art for the Heart project to use art to reduce social isolation and provide social engagement for the seniors and the artists.



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