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Alchemist Public Market

Alchemist Community Development Corporation (Alchemist CDC) was pleased to reveal the new design for Alchemist Public Market (APM) on Friday, October 22, during a visit to the project site in Sacramento’s River District with elected officials and key stakeholders.

Speakers at the event included Sacramento City Councilman Jeff Harris (D3), Andrew Kehoe (Liaison from Mayor Steinberg’s Office of Civic Engagement), Derek Kirk (Regional Business Development Specialist, California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development [GO-Biz]), Jenna Abbott (Executive Director, The River District), Julius Austin (Sacramento Promise Zone Coordinator, SHRA), and Sam Greenlee (Executive Director, Alchemist CDC).

Alchemist Public Market’s previous concept was oriented toward adaptive reuse of an existing building, but the shift to 341 N 10th St, just one block away from the Mirasol Village project, brought the possibility of new construction with a customer build that could model innovative and sustainable practices. Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture is providing pro bono architectural work for the project and has developed a design that is simultaneously iconic and conducive to providing a needed community gathering place.

"Alchemist Public Market will be experienced as a beautiful and hospitable community gathering place to pick up a meal, spend time with friends, buy fresh groceries at the weekly farmers’ market, and quickly pick up milk or eggs during the week."

Sam Greenlee, Executive Director

Dreyfuss + Blackford (Kris Barkley, Jennifer Krauter, Brian Lefholz, Sugra Panvelwala, Brian Lefholz, Ricardo Zamora, with Will Smith behind the camera). Alchemist CDC (Jacob Sacks, Joe Robustelli, Emma Burke, Sam Greenlee). Alchemist Kitchen Incubator: Regina Range (The Burnt Skillet), Jasmine Bonilla (Jazz’s Saucy Sauce), Justin Yu (Feel Good Vegan), Christopher Boone (Boone’s Red Onions), Pamela Marquez (Puzz-e-Gata Jamaica).

Alchemist Public Market is a member of the Northern California Farm to Fork Innovation Coalition (F2FIC), a collaborative effort led by University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR) seeking primary funding from the US Economic Development Administration (EDA) Build Back Better grant program. If awarded, APM will receive $6 million in federal funding to be combined with a $1.5 million match from other sources to be made up of other sources.

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